Danny Villanueva Spring Training Reflection


I realized how laid back spring training actually is. Everyone knows that spring training isn’t as intense as the regular season but it is amazing how everything is so simple before the season starts. Whether it be the journalist in the press box or the players in the clubhouse postgame everyone is relaxed. I even witnessed umpires literally walk to their cars the second the final out was called in the Red Sox/Rays game that I attended. I also learned that the media policy is not the same for every team. I thought all the clubs follow the league’s guidelines but I was wrong.

The Frustrations I got from the experience was having to pay for the parking and tickets for every game. Being on seat geek for an hour waiting for a ticket that didn’t cost $80+ for the Red Sox/Yankees game was annoying.

Some improvements I think I could have made was being more active on social media. Even though I live-tweeted three games I think I could have done more outside of the game. Expanding on that, I believe I could have talked to more fans instead of solely focusing on players and coaches.

What I enjoyed the most was being with the group on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m the type of person who likes to function in a group environment so those days were my favorite. Also, I believe we had a great set of students for this experience that did a phenomenal job. Besides that, the most memorable moment for me was being credentialed for the Red Sox/Twins game. I’ve watched the Red Sox my entire life so being able to go into the clubhouse and talk to Alex Cora and J.D. Martinez after the game was surreal. I will never forget that moment. I went from interviewing high school football players at my high school to covering Gators women’s volleyball to talking to J.D. Martinez in the Boston clubhouse. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

What I liked the least was all the driving. I know you have to get to the ballpark somehow but it was a burden. I know not everyone had the same experience but I practically lived in my car for that week. Although it was a burden, I would do it all over again because that is how much I enjoyed this week. It is something that I will always a remember that is for sure.


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