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What’s up sports fans? I’m a UF junior studying journalism and history. Right now I’m a reporter for WUFT News and the Vice President of Public Relations for She’s The First UF. I’m also a massive baseball, stand-up comedy and music nerd. So I’m basically a self proclaimed mash of Jerry Seinfeld and Tony Kornheiser. Long-term I hope to work at a newspaper or radio station.

This spring training, I’ll be live-tweeting games, writing recaps, player profiles, and some features on the friendly faces of the grapefruit league.

Follow the hashtag #GrapefruitGators on Twitter, as well as my personal account @blefever10 for coverage of the following Spring Training Games:

  • 3/4 Tampa Bay Rays @ NY Yankees
  • 3/5 Twins @ Phillies
  • 3/6 Yankees @ Tigers
  • 3/7 Orioles @ Rays
  • 3/8 Astros @ Braves
  • 3/10 Red Sox @ Twins

Holy cow!

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