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Hello, my name is Danny Villanueva and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this incredible experience. Baseball has had a special place in my heart my entire life so there is nothing else I would rather be doing this week.

When I was younger my dad would take me to different ballparks around the country. Seeing the different ballparks only fueled my passion for the game, helping me appreciate the fantastic atmosphere baseball produces. My favorite ballpark of them all is the world famous Fenway Park, so yes, I am excited to be visiting Fenway South for the first time.

I can’t wait to travel up and down the state of Florida, covering the greatest game the world has to offer. Here’s where you’ll find me:

March 3rd: Red Sox/Yankees at Jet Blue Park

March 4th: Pirates/Twins at CenturyLink Sports Complex

March 6th Rays/Red Sox at Charlotte Sports Park

March 7th Rays/Orioles at Charlotte Sports Park

March 10th Red Sox/Twins at CenturyLink Sports Complex

Five games. Six teams. Three Ballparks. It’s great to be a Grapefruit Gator.

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