Celebrating The Past: The Monuments of Jet Blue Park


Even though the Boston Red Sox occupy Jet Blue Park for one month out of the year, Fenway South is filled with the team’s history.

Before fans walk in the ballpark and watch the future of the Red Sox, they walk by monuments that immortalize some of baseball’s greatest players.

Jet Blue Park’s similarity with Fenway Park doesn’t stop with its field dimensions, it also has a replica of the Ted Williams statue that stands in Boston.

The statue originally stood at the City of Palms Park, which is the former spring training facility of the Red Sox. The replica statue stood in front of the ballpark from 2007 until 2011 when it was moved to where it currently stands at Jet Blue Park.

The statue weighs 3,500 pounds and celebrates Williams’ time in baseball, his service in the military and his contributions to fighting childhood cancer. The statue is surrounded by nine palm trees honoring the hall of famer’s uniform number.

Numbers That Live Forever

That monument isn’t the only place where Ted Williams lives on. The ballpark also has an area celebrating the organization’s all-time greats.

The Red Sox celebrate the numbers you will never see worn by another player at what is known as Hall of Fame Plaza. The area contains all the retired numbers that can be seen at Fenway. From David Ortiz to Carlton Fisk, each number has a brief description and information about the player.


Every major league team in the country has Jackie Robinson’s number 42 retired so the Red Sox made sure to include it in the plaza.

The section of the ballpark has 11 total numbers on display; #9 for Ted Williams, #14 for Jim Rice, #27 for Carlton Fisk, #6 for Johnny Pesky, #1 for Bobby Doer, #26 for Wade Boggs, #4 for John Cronin, #8 for Carl Yastrzemski, #42 for Jackie Robinson, #45 for Pedro Martinez and #34 for David Ortiz.

You will be hard-pressed to find another spring training facility that has much baseball history as Fenway South. It allows fans of all ages to celebrate and learn America’s past time.

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