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It’s always interesting when the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees face off against each other on the diamond.

Even though the two rivals weren’t in a heated battle at Fenway Park, the fans continued to celebrate one of the best rivalries in sports. Many Red Sox fans came to the ballpark with their Yankee counterpart, taking in a game while the stakes aren’t very high.

The atmosphere at Jet Blue Park emphasized one thing: Baseball is back. Between the smell of the freshly cut grass or hearing the crowd cheer in unison, spring training is in full swing. The unique thing about Jet Blue Park is that it celebrates the past while also looking forward to the future. The ballpark is filled with statues and historical monuments celebrating the past while it welcomes fans who have newfound hope that this year might be the year their team goes all the way.

Saturday was the first of many match-ups between the two clubs in 2018. New York scored three runs in the eighth inning to beat the Red Sox 5-3.

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