A day at JetBlue Park: food, views, and more…


Down in the southwest side of Florida, there is a ballpark that mirrors that of its northern counterpart. JetBlue Park at Fenway South hosts the Boston Red Sox for their spring training season. The ballpark opened in 2012 and has become a staple of spring in Fort Myers, Florida.

Upon Entry

Park your car, go through security, scan your ticket, and then you’re in. You look to your left and you see a team store. But if you look a little closer, the Red Sox have generously left their World Series trophy out for fans to take a picture with. You also can notice the geometrical white panels on top of the stadium, giving this Fenway recreation a modern look.

Once you start walking up the ramp, the players on the diamond start to become visible. But something caught your eye. The giant green monster over in left field is impossible to miss. You’ve seen the green monster on TV before, but now you have a feel for how intimidating that wall is.

What’s to Eat?

Now that we are in the stadium, what kind of food do they serve? You can always get your hotdogs, soda, and peanuts and crackerjacks; but on the first base side of the stadium, there are multiple large tents accompanied with picnic tables serving untraditional ballpark eats.

Arancini Bros is a culinary company based in New York City. They’ve been featured on The Food Network and have two other carts at Madison Square Garden and Citi Field. You can mix and match six of their different flavors of risotto balls for $14. Their flavors include…

  • Classic Ragu
  • Bianco Verde
  • Pizza
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Bucatini Fritti
  • Famous Nutella

Come Visit

The Red Sox will continue their spring training schedule until March 24, when the pack up and head north. While baseball will not be present, Fenway South still hosts events all spring long, including farmer’s markets and food truck festivals.

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