Unlikely Braves Trio: Tik Tok, The Bachelor and Crossword Puzzles


The crossword puzzle clue reads, what new social media platform is filled with videos about this reality television spoilers and theories? No, this isn’t an actual crossword puzzle clue, but it represents three of the Atlanta Braves player’s unexpected pastimes during Spring Training.

The clock ticks away in North Port, FL as the Braves players enter their second week of Spring Training. For many veteran players, Spring Training is the perfect time to ease back into the sport, play in a handful of games, and maybe enjoy a few leisure activities like golf or boating.

However, for rookies and non-roster invites like left-handed pitchers Kyle Muller and Thomas Burrows, they like to keep things interesting with curating Tik Tok’s, baking desserts, and the weekly “The Bachelor” watch parties.

Tik Tok

Lefty Kyle Muller was the brains behind the Tik Tok creation that went semi-viral. “It all started when we saw someone on Tik Tok making the same dessert we were cooking,” Muller said.  Muller finished last season in AA with the Mississippi Braves.

The video currently boasts 75.3 thousand views and is growing hourly. The video features former Baylor catcher Shea Langeliers and former Texas A&M infielder Braden Shewmake whipping up a cookie skillet with peanut butter cups in the oven, but with a baseball twist. Langeliers can be seen in his catching stance as Muller tosses each ingredient into the pan. Once the dessert has been baked, Muller tosses a piece to the catcher where he uses his bat, which is a cutting board, to hit it out of the park.

“Our agency suggested Tik Tok might be a pretty good opportunity on a social media platform to get into,” he said.

Called the Tik Tok star by outfielder Trey Harris, Muller said he is working on curating his next video.  Many of his fellow bullpen stars like right-handed pitcher Jeremy Walker suggested a dancing video, hyping up his moves.

Crossword Puzzles

Tik Tok’s aren’t the only hot commodity floating around the locker room. A more scholarly pastime, crossword puzzles are also popular and passes the time away in the clubhouse. Specifically, the USA Today daily crossword puzzle.

“It started last year in spring training, a few of us were working on them together,” Burrows said. Burrows is a former University of Alabama pitcher and finished last season in AA with the Mississippi Braves.

Burrows said this is one of his favorite things to do in his downtime and keeps everyone from being on their phones.

“Tyler Flowers is really good at them,” Burrows admitted. “He told us the other day that he hadn’t missed one in seven years.”

Burrows and his teammates print off their own copies and favor the USA Today daily versus the New York Times because it’s a little easier.

The Bachelorette

When there isn’t a Monday night Spring Training game, Kyle Muller can be known to tune in to the ABC’s reality show The Bachelor.

“I used to watch the show at home with family and last year in Spring Training, I tried to get a few guys to watch the show with me and they all said no, but slowly and surely they all started to watch,” Muller said.

Last year, even a few teammates filled out an application for Muller to be a potential contestant on the show.

Though you might not see Kyle Muller next time you tune into The Bachelor, rest assured you can enjoy Tik Tok’s, crossword puzzles, and the cheesy reality TV show just like some of your favorite major leaguers.

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