Kevin Cash & Derek Shelton: a new rivalry


On Thursday, March 4, two former colleagues faced off against each other for the first time both as managers. Tampa Bay Rays skipper Kevin Cash went up against the Pittsburgh Pirates manager Derek Shelton, who was formerly the hitting coach for the Rays until his 2016 departure.

Former boss turned opponent

Kevin Cash has managed the A.L. team since 2014. At that time, he worked with Derek Shelton for two years. He watched Shelton head across the border to assist the Blue Jays and then transferred to the Twins for two seasons. While the two have played against each other before, neither have done so both managing their respective teams. Now the former Ray calls the shots for the Pirates, and his former boss is excited to see how he handles a new team and new season.

The new skipper

Shelton has spent several years jumping around the league, switching from team-to-team, but his stint working under Cash provided him with plenty of experience and knowledge going into his first season with the Pirates.

Cash is excited to see what his former colleague will do now that the reins are in his hands. As for “Shelty,” he is eager to change the culture surrounding the Pittsburgh Pirates from one of losing to one of victory.

Preview for what’s to come

This was the first time the two had seen each other both in the driver’s seat. But it won’t be the last.The two teams will go head-to-head on March 26 at Tropicana Field. This game will open the season for the two clubhouses, and both managers are eager to start their run for October with a record of 1-0.

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