Orioles stay on a roll with 3-2 win over Phillies on Sunday, 3/1

Over 8,000 fans gather for Sunday’s game, Orioles vs. Phillies.

Although Orioles fans are hoping for a winning season this upcoming year – they most likely are going to have to put those expectations on hold. Following last season’s record of 54-108 (the worst record in the AL East) playoff projections for the team still remain very low and not much is expected out of the 2020 season.


The Orioles are intently focusing on rebuilding the team, concentrating on assembling a solid roster for the future rather than focusing on an upcoming winning season.

During the 2019 season, the Orioles weakest link was their pitching. Few pitching staffs in MLB history have struggled as much as the Orioles did last season, as they set the record for home runs allowed within a season with still a month left to play.

However, despite the lack of expectations for this team, the Orioles are off to a pretty decent start this spring season. By defeating the Phillies, the Orioles now have a spring season record of 6-2 while the Phillies drop to 6-3.

Orioles Starting Lineup:  

Phillies Starting Lineup:

Game Recap

To start the game, only three pitches from each team to retire each side in the first inning.

The Orioles get a run from Herrera after Ruiz hits a double to the left in the second inning.

The Orioles increase their lead to 3-0 in the fourth inning with Ruiz’s homer to third and Herrera’s double that was brought in by Wilkerson.

The fifth inning did not include any notable plays for the rest of the inning.

The Phillies were able to clinch a run at the bottom of the sixth inning with Harrison’s long home run to the left side.

The seventh and eighth inning remained uneventful for both teams, with neither side being able to procure any noteworthy plays or runs.

At the bottoms of the ninth, Sulser gave up two walks that enabled the Phillies to gain another run – finalizing the Orioles victory over the Phillies with the score of 3-2.

Player Standouts

John Means and Rio Ruiz showed great promise for the future of the Orioles during Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Facing some heavy hitters, left-hander John Means threw three perfect innings and Rio Ruiz remained relentless – tearing up Grapefruit League pitching that resulted in a 3-2 triumph at Spectrum Field on Sunday evening.

Means, who struggled in his first spring start, showed a great amount of composure today – easily strolling through the Phillies biggest bats that included heavy hitters Bryce Harper and Didi Gregorius.

Ruiz seemed more comfortable at bat, hitting a double at his first trip to the base, a home run to right field in the fourth inning, and a single in the fifth.


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