The Suite Life @ Spectrum Field


As thousands of fans swarmed into Spectrum Field to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates, there was one thing both fan bases could agree on.


Dedicated Phillies fans will withstand the heat of the sun to watch their favorites, like Bryce Harper, play a good ball game. But there’s another seating option available to fans who like to watch baseball in luxury – a suite.

The Spectrum Field offers a perfect setting for those who want an unforgettable baseball game experience. Featuring over 600 square feet with indoor and outdoor seating – an exclusive suite allows fans to watch the game in camaraderie with thousands of cheering fans or in the comfort of A/C with just close family and friends. It’s really the best of both worlds, balancing the traditional baseball feel with added luxurious amenities.


Suite Benefits

Suite tickets offer VIP parking passes. No more parking half a block away and battling crowds to get into the game. The parking is only a few steps away from your destination with a private entrance into the stadium. Once your ticket is scanned, the elevator is waiting to take you straight up to your suite.

Tired of waiting in long lines for food? A suite offers a private all-you-can-eat buffet. This includes endless chicken tenders, hot dogs, savory meatballs, gourmet mac & cheese, pretzels, potato chips, ice-cream sandwiches, cookies and brownies.

Let’s not forget about the lengthy beer lines. Suites include unlimited draft and bottled beer, soda and water. Liquor and wine upgrades are also available.

Bad eyesight? All suites include a flat screen TV that includes replays (just in case you missed seeing Harper hit a homer).

NO BATHROOM LINES. Need I say more?


  • 22 Person Suite – $1,694
  • 30 Person Suite – $2,310

This baseball experience isn’t for everyone. As you can imagine – the suite life doesn’t come cheap.

BUT, let’s break it down.

Both suites averages out to $77 per person.

The average cost to attend a Phillies spring training game is $51.52, according to

Parking is usually $10. That leaves just $15.48 left to spend before exceeding a suite’s per person average.

That’s enough to buy just one beer and half a chicken tender basket.

The “expensive” suite tickets sound more enticing now, don’t they?

Don’t let the initial price scare you – if you can round up 22 or 30 of your family and friends, you can enjoy a Phillies game in first class style and indulge in unlimited food and drinks with your very own private suite at Spectrum Field.

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