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This is America’s pastime. The cut grass, the ballpark hotdogs, the romantic life that is only found on and around the diamond. From a young age, being subject to the drug that is baseball can be addicting- the game is a wonderful place to be and is something accessible for people of all ages which is part of the appeal. I had the pleasure of being able to interview tomorrow’s baseball players while at various ballparks during my spring training experience. Here are a few of their stories:

Fawzaan Meekins, 9, has had the time of his life while watching baseball with his grandfather, William Jervay. Originally from Philadelphia, his love for the Phillies remains strong even after the move to Winter Haven, Florida. This is only Fawzaan’s second game ever; earlier in the week, the pair was in Miami to see Fawzaan’s beloved Phillies.

His favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, and he loves to play Madden and NBA 2K with his friends. He hopes to get a chance to play baseball soon- while he hasn’t played the sport yet, his excitement to try the game out when he gets home was very evident when asked.



Michael Hawkins, 10, plays shortstop. He is a “true stud” when it comes to baseball (his words, not mine) and always delivers when the game is in his hands. Born and raised in Orlando, Michael hopes to grow up to be like his favorite player, Bryce Harper. He is also incredible at Fortnite and has backup plans to become a streamer if baseball doesn’t take him far.

After watching him throw, he should stick to plan A. Kid can play for sure.


Twins Brady and Jonathan, 7, are the keystone middle-infielders of their coach pitch team. Jonathan, on the right, claims to have the stronger arm despite playing second. Brady says he’s the fastest on the team. While not playing baseball, the two can often be found watching WWE with their dad. The three share a favorite wrestler in Brock Lesnar, and their “fight nights” often get way too rowdy.

Their favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers, just like their mom and dad. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, Brady said he wanted to be an astronaut. Jonathan said he wanted to be Miguel Cabrera.

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