Yankees and Steinbrenner Field staff local volunteers at beer stands for philanthropic cause

On a hot Saturday day, what’s better than enjoying the Yankees play while sipping on a cold beer?

What makes the beer taste even better is knowing that the tip you just gave the cashier is going towards an important cause.

The Steinbrenner Field in collaboration with the Yankees allow local organizations to work their beer stands as a way to fundraise. Although it is widely unknown, most of the registers in the Steinbrenner Field are actually staffed by local volunteers through various organizations.

On this particular Saturday, the beer stand outside of section 213 was staffed by Colleen Carroll, who is a Youth Mentor for The Diocese of St. Petersburg and St. Timothy’s Church. The church fundraises to send volunteers to different countries for missionary work. This year the church has organized two mission trips – one to the Dominican Republic and one to Guatemala.

Carroll started volunteering at the Steinbrenner Field last year, and worked only seven games at the beer stand that spring season. But through those seven games, she was able to raise enough money to completely cover her expenses for her mission trip to the Dominican Republic. She hopes to do the same this spring season.

“I love the work. I sit at a desk all day and this is so much more fulfilling. Being able to help other communities is amazing and life-changing. Our teens are exposed to those less privileged, really bringing home the appreciation for what you have”, says Carroll as she pours a beer for a contributing Yankees fan.

Typically, St. Timothy’s Church sends a group of around 35 volunteers with different skillsets to aid in relieving poverty. The mission trip to the Dominican Republic specifically focuses on aiding malnourished children and building homes for the less fortunate.

Through this benevolent collaboration, the Diocese of St. Petersburg and St. Timothy’s Church has been able to fully fund their mission trips to other countries. The Yankees and the Steinbrenner Field give organizations, like the Diocese of St. Petersburg and St. Timothy’s Church, the opportunity and platform to fundraise for charitable and philanthropic causes.

Cheers to baseball, beer and charity!

A Look into the Dominican Republic Mission Trip

How it Works

In order to qualify to fundraise for a cause through the Steinbrenner’s beer stands, a local organization must coordinate with the Steinbrenner stadium.

Organizations are given a select amount of beer stand spots for each game and must designate one volunteer to each stand per game.

The way the fundraising works is fairly easy. You earn towards the fund, a base rate for the day/game along with a percentage of overall group sales, which is an estimated $75-100 per game per volunteer. The tips count as a whole group and divide out evenly throughout the organization at the game.

Volunteers must be over 18 to serve alcohol.

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