Best Time of My Life


I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. I got to travel to four ballparks, watch five games and see six teams.

The best part happened on Thursday, March 5, when I called a Tampa Bay Rays game with Alexa Harley. It was a blast. I went all out: extensive notes, a kept score, everything to make sure this was like a pro-level broadcast, and I think I was able to get close to it if not accomplish it.

It’s on my real forever, and no one can take that away from me.

I think it was cool that I got to travel around and cover other games too. My dad was a bit exhausted after being dragged around (he figured he might as well hit up ballgames too), but it all worked out. I was a beat writer for Gator football, so it wasn’t my first time live-tweeting a whole game. However, doing it for a Rays-Braves game was still special. Think about it, I’m doing the same stuff as the beat writers I’ve been following for years.

One Thing I Learned

Don’t be afraid to think of story ideas on the fly. When I got to the Phillies-Orioles game, I thought it was just going to be my game recap, but after the Phillie Phanatic showed up in a tutu, I had my feature story. 

I thought one of my other stories was just going to be some usual food story, or “oh this ballpark is pretty.” It took maybe six and a half minutes to realize I could write a Canada-focused story.

I will say, I did do a game recap; I had to. But when I did, I made sure it was as high quality as possible, even had others review it before publishing.

Ok, I’ll Wrap It Up Now

It was an amazing week. I would never trade this experience for any spring break excitement you’d see on TV. That’s short-term fun. This was getting a glance at where my career has a chance to go. I also loved baseball, which means this was the dream. This isn’t the end, Major League Baseball. I’ll be back.

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