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Wow, what a week! What an incredible experience to cover Spring Training with some of the best access and coverage for a college student. A special thank you to the CJC, Eric Esterline, and the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies organization for their kindness and accessibility.

I jumped in full steam ahead on my first day of the Spring Training experience with the Braves. Having clubhouse access and being the only student and female in the building was an eye-opening experience to say to least. The nerves quickly calmed and I was treated with kindness and respect by all parties including the players. One thing I learned through this process is you do not have to be something you are not. I may not know all the in depth details about the roster and up-and-coming players, but what I do know as 20-year-old female is about pop-culture and that knowledge served me quite well and gave me a point of connection and ability to relate that the other journalist in the room didn’t have.

Also, what I learned was do not be afraid to push against the norms of baseball, have fun, be creative in your content, and enjoy the time spent at the park. Embrace your classmates at each game and even before in class, I wish I had done a better job of that throughout the semester. Bring a friend or family member and create special memories while still creating stellar content. I promise it is more fun this way.

Until next time, Spring Training. You were sure fun.

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