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I’ve learned a few important things from my spring training experience, but the first one I can think of is that I want to be around baseball forever. I didn’t realize how much I had missed the sport until I walked into a ballpark for the first time since high school. It was a little different, as this time I wasn’t wearing cleats myself, but the feeling in the air was still just as captivating as it was when I was a kid.

Another important takeaway was from a journalist’s perspective: come into interviews with a blank canvas. Yes, have questions prepared of course. But, don’t expect answers, and be prepared to adjust things on the fly.

The last takeaway is Florida specific: be careful when driving through this lawless state. Turn signals are apparently optional. The left lane isn’t for passing only, people will just cruise there like animals. They’ll almost always be texting and driving. It’s like they’re just giving out driver’s licenses out here.

As I prepare to take the next steps in my career, I’ve been pushing my studies farther back into my mind. I’m focused on other writing projects, and with this covid-19 scare, school gets pushed even farther. Maybe I’m just excited- it’s nice to know what’s waiting for me outside of school. However, I have to keep myself grounded and focus on the task at hand. That’s true in all facets of life, and not just school. Just gotta keep my head up.

But anyway, back to baseball. The dialect has grounded itself into my vocabulary. I still use some of the vernacular from the stupid stuff we would say in the dugouts during games. When counting on my hand, instead of “two” coming from my middle finger, it comes from my pinky. I miss coming home with dirt all over my pants, and I miss the feeling of being a nuisance when on base. I love this sport so much, and I’m very thankful to have been around it again after all this time. My spring training experience reminded me of baseball, and all the love I have for it. The beauty of it all can’t be captured from a screen- you just gotta be there.

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Joseph is an aspiring sports journalist with a passion for esports and sleeping in. A former athlete himself, he brings an insider's perspective to many of the sports he covers while providing commentary only he can describe as funny.

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