Spring Training Experience


Participating in the MLB Spring Training Experience gave me a real inside look at the responsibilities and expectations of a reporter. I learned how to handle myself in a press box, to get around a stadium and to roll with the punches when plans don’t work out. I believe these are all valuable lessons because these things are common in the real-world for reporters, so it was a good experience. I think it was even more beneficial for me because I covered a few games solo, so I had to depend on myself to figure things out when plans didn’t go according to what I originally intended.

While that was a good learning experience, it was also frustrating in a few instances. I was not able to talk to the players I wanted to when I have field access, even when I was at field hours before the game started. This is also what I liked least about the experience as well.

If I were to redo this week, I would request interviews with the players I want to speak to a few days in advance so I could ensure I have those sources. I went into these game days thinking if I arrived hours in advance, I would be able to talk to at least a few players from my list before the game. I would also have multiple story ideas for one day instead of just one, so I can change plans in case it didn’t work out.

I most enjoyed covering the Braves at Champions Stadium because I had credentials for those games. It was such a great experience covering a team, which is exactly what I want to do as a career. I also enjoyed getting the chance the watch games from the stadium.


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