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This trip taught me a lot about myself and the industry I want to work in post-grad. My entire life, I have been either a fan sitting in the stands or helping my dad while he worked. This time I was the one working. It may not have been this way for others, but to me, it was an eye-opening experience. Everything I did on this trip helped prepare me for the line of work I want to pursue and although I might not be doing these exact stories when I am working, I did learn a lot and cannot wait for what the future holds.

Review of the Trip

I would say the only frustration I had during the week was getting stuck in traffic, which is typical and expected on I-4 or during rush hour. However, my partner, Bailey LeFever, and I were able to avoid most of it because we did plan accordingly and we left with enough time just in case we were to get stuck in some. While reflecting after the trip, I thought about things I could have done differently or things I could have improved on during the trip. However, I really couldn’t think of any. My partner and I always arrived early, parked with ease, only got stuck in a bit of traffic twice and we were always prepared. We wore sunscreen, always had cash on hand and did not experience any problems while reporting our stories. We also thoroughly planned out our stories and arrived at the ballpark with enough time to scout out what we needed to do and how we were going to tackle it.

I cannot pick just one aspect I enjoyed the most from this experience. However, my top ones were going to baseball games in beautiful weather and getting to know everyone better. Our days in the Newsroom can get pretty crazy from time to time so when we finally got to slow down, I was able to hang out with and learn something new about everyone that I typically see on a daily basis, but didn’t know before. On the flip side of that. I can honestly say I don’t think there was a part I liked the least. I thought the trip was well organized, fun and a great experience for those who want to pursue a career in this field. The exposure we got at the games as well as the experience of interviewing players and publishing stories closely mirrored what it is like in the real world, so it was great practice!

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