Concessions: The Home Run of a Baseball Game Experience


Going to a baseball game is an experience. And it starts from the first moment you walk through the gates into the stadium. As soon as you enter, there is an instant aroma of various foods and treats just waiting for you to purchase. For some people, the concessions at a game complete the whole experience.

Joker Marchant Stadium is a baseball field in Lakeland, Florida – home of the Detroit Tigers during Spring Training. Many Tigers fans come down to Florida during this time of the year to escape the cold weather and watch their favorite team play ball. Part of the reason Spring Training is such a great experience for these dedicated fans are the concessions.

Below are the top three food stops a baseball fan has to make while they are at Joker Marchant Stadium:

1. Ballpark Classics

From hotdogs to roasted peanuts, Ballpark classics has all your baseball game food and drink needs. The Jumbo Hot Dogs here are fan favorites. One fan even said that the hot dogs from Ballpark classics are his favorite part of Spring Training.

2. Hot Corner


For Tigers fans from near and far, Hot Corner’s roasted peanuts are their favorite. Not only can you get their peanuts at their stand at the front entrance of the stadium, but also from the comfort of your seat.

3. Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake

This ice cream stand has multiple locations throughout the stadium. Partnered with Dairy Queen, these sweet delights are a for sure a must-have for anyone who comes to the stadium. Just like Hot Corner’s roasted peanuts, these strawberry shortcake sundaes are sold all throughout the stands. If you’re lucky, you might get a free sundae during one the innings.


Going to a baseball game is more than watching your favorite pitcher, or hoping to catch a foul ball. It’s the atmosphere. And the concessions truly tie together the whole ball-game experience.

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