Dunedin Stadium: Home Away From Home


Spring Training attracts fans from not only all parts of the USA, but from other countries as well. Violet and Dave Kerr traveled from Toronto, Canada to watch the Blue Jays take on the Atlanta Braves at Dunedin Stadium. Their dedication to their team turned Spring Training into more then a vacation, but a piece of their life. For the past 35 years they have shared a love for their Toronto Blue Jays and now, it’s their home away from home.

 More than a game

Their dedication to their team shaped their vacation to Florida for the past seven years. Each year they spend 10 days in Florida to watch the Blue Jays play. Dave, 87 years old, gets his love of baseball from not only being a fan but being a pitcher. Back when he was 16 years old he had a work accident that resulted in him losing two of his fingers. Six weeks after the accident he got back on the mound to pitch three scoreless innings. From there, he moved on to coaching. Dave’s favorite part about coaching baseball for 30 years wasn’t just developing friendships, but watching his players improve.

Their Secret to Success

The Blue Jays bring them to Florida, but they do more then attend baseball games. When they aren’t in the stands cheering for the Blue Jays, they like to spend their time with their family and exploring the sunshine state by either shopping, going to the beach or taking their grandkids to Walt Disney World. According to Violet and Dave, their secret to 60 years of marriage is loving each other, consideration for the other person and “the four letter word.” There may not be a clear answer to “what makes a marriage successful?” but one thing is certain, geographical boundaries doesn’t impact their love of baseball.

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