Fans Follow the Mets to Watch Tebow


Tebow Mania is still going strong in Florida since the Mets organization wittingly employed Tim Tebow to play baseball for them in Spring Training. Fans come from all over the state and country to see the baseball phenom play. Even though they run the risk that he may not play; they still show up to home and away games nonetheless. That was the case for quite a few Tebow fans during the New York Mets vs Detroit Tigers game at Joked Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, FL.

Stories of Tebow Fans

Shane Duke (11), Jackson Rivera (14) and Matty Rivera (12) all came to the game hoping to get a chance to see Tebow play. Shane is short stop/pitcher from Ohio who decided to come down during Spring Break to watch some Gator baseball and try to watch a Tebow game. Jackson and Matty are both from Florida and play on the same baseball team. Jackson is a center fielder and Matty is a catcher. The boys enjoyed throwing the ball around at the ball park despite Tebow not being in the line up.


All three expressed to be long time Gator fans and now Mets fans, because of OF/DH, Tim Tebow. The boys were excited when Tebow made the switch to baseball, because baseball is their favorite sport. Shane and Jackson believe Tebow will one day make it to the big leagues, while Matty on the other hand thinks Tim is prepared to make the jump now.

Jared Russel (15), a Yankee fan from New York, caught a home run ball in the left field berm! It’s no surprise, because Russel plays baseball as a center fielder. He’s a big Denver Broncos, which is why he started liking Tebow. Russel wears a Florida Gators hat because his dad lives in Florida and he is thinking about going to the University of Florida.

Taylor (17) has been following Tebow’s baseball career and even went to one of his games last season. She believes his baseball career can be successful and thinks he can make a career in something other than football.

Greg Kline came to the game because his girl friend is from Detroit and a big Tiger fan, but he was also hoping Tebow would be playing.

He’s from Chicago and a Cubs fan, but he’s also a Denver Broncos fan, which lead to him to becoming a Tebow fan. This was the second game they’ve gone to this spring to try and watch Tebow play.

Jacob Nordbrock came from Chicago and brought his Tebow books to the game in hopes that he would get them signed. He’s not a fan of either team; he just came to see Tebow.

Ryan Achin, from Greenville South Carolina, said he’d love to see Tebow make it to the Major Leagues, because he believes the league needs more people like him.

He’s planning on going to Bob Jones University in South Carolina next week to listen to Tebow speak.

Tebow Spring Training

So far, 2018 Spring Training has been a little rough for Tim Tebow. He has appeared in 6 games and has a .071 batting average with only 1 hit. However, the fans still come out to the ball game and root for him to succeed, whether he plays or not.


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