Yankees Pitching Projects, Orioles Win


(TAMPA, FL) Tonight’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees ended in a 5-1 victory for the Orioles.

Despite a drop in temperature along the west coast of Florida that affected most Grapefruit League spring training, the Orioles were hot off the bat. 


The top of the first inning had Deivi Garcia start for the Yankees with a few strikes before allowing a double that put Hays on 3rd and Dwight Smith on second. Garcia’s effort to tag Smith out was lost, and the Orioles ended the first 2-0.

The bottom of the second had Orioles’ Thomas Eshelman strikeout Erik Kratz after allowing a single by Frazier. After a solo home run by Luke Voit, the score at the bottom of the second: 2-1, Orioles.

The third inning started with a change of pitching. The Yankees replaced Garcia with Aroldis Chapman, which lead to no change in score after Hays doubled followed by Dwight Smith Jr. grounding out to second base. Hays was only able to make it to third before the top of the 4th.

The top of the fourth saw yet another pitching change, with Hale replacing Chapman. The Orioles saw a positive inning with two scores. A single by Martin lead to Nuñez and Valaika both running in after Valaika stole second the play before. The Orioles moved from Eshelman to Castro, who despite 3 strikeouts, was replaced by Ottovino in the 5th. Score: 4-1 Orioles.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth saw scoreless innings without much action. The top of the ninth allowed the Orioles another score. After a double by Wilkerson, McCoy took his spot running and was able to steal third. When Williams doubled, McCoy was able to score. 

The bottom of the ninth had a hit by Chapparo before ending. 


The Yankees started Deivi Garcia tonight, a pitching prospect who is favored to take over injured started James Paxton. He was awarded tonight as the winner of the 2019 Kevin Lawn Award for “Player of the Year.”

Garcia started the first two innings to be traded out for Aroldis Chapman, a 4 year veteran for the Yankees.

As noted above, Ottavino was also played after Chapman, followed by Kahnle, Green & Avilán. 

Baltimore started Eshelman for three innings before a pitching change for Castro in the 4th. Castro was followed by Fry, Lakins, Tate and Shepherd. 


This Yankees loss came after news earlier today of Aaron Judge’s broken rib, an injury that apparently went undiagnosed since September of last year. 

Judge is expected to sit out well into the beginning of the season in order to recoup from this injury. Despite this setback, the Yankees are looking forward to a solid season with a decent depth chart, despite some mixed feedback about staffing.

On the other hand, the Orioles have just come off a rebuilding year as they look to strengthen their depth chart and explore options in the field and in the bullpen. 

The Yankees will play again tomorrow against the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Orioles will play the Tampa Bay Rays, both at 1:05 pm.

Photo Credit: Mark LoMoglio

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