A Great Week


During the week of spring training, I knew how lucky I was to be able to cover even a portion of the 2020 Spring Training Season.

After everything that has gone down with the Coronavirus, I realize just how lucky I was.

Being able to cover one of the last weeks of the spring training season was amazing. Even though I did not receive any credentials, I still had a wonderful time.

I had only ever been to one professional league game before because college sports had always been more my thing, so I was excited about this opportunity. Going into the week, I did not even have a team that I considered my own.

During my time, I got to cover the Blue Jays, Tigers, Phillies and Orioles.

Over the week, I met so many amazing people at all of the different games I got to cover. Interacting with the different fan bases was amazing and going in without a team, I really feel like I got to connect with all of the fans even more.

It was an experience that I would not trade for anything and I truly loved every minute of it. Even driving 45+ minutes to the games and all of the miles it put on my car.


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