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Over the course of a week, I attended five MLB spring training games on the west coast of Florida. I was able to watch all of these games from different perspectives – general admission seating, press box seating, and suite seating.

Although I was unable to receive credentials for the Yankees, I found creative ways to report on the MLB spring training experience. I discovered the philanthropic endeavors of the Steinbrenner Field and the Yankees organization. I was able to speak with staff/volunteers of the field and learn more about the charitable platforms they were given to raise funds for their respective organizations.

Through this experience, I realized my passion for feature stories. I loved getting to know people, asking them about their lives and their stories and developing a working relationship with them. Although I didn’t report on everyone I interviewed – I enjoyed being able to talk to people in the community and learning about other people’s passions.

I really enjoyed this experiential class. I am grateful that it was offered to online students this year because it allowed me to really feel a part of the UF community. This was a great opportunity for me to get real world experience and interact with my peers and other members of the community. Through this experience I was able to interview fans and stadium staff members and was given the opportunity to gain experience in the reporting field. I think having classes such as this one is so beneficial to online students because it allowed me to have an interactive learning experience.


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