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Hi! My name is Aidan Archard and I am a senior Media Production, Management and Technology major at the University of Florida. In my time at UF I have focused on documentary production, but I also have a great love for sports. A number of my classmates are studying to become reporters, but instead of being in front of a camera like them I am in my element behind a camera or in an editing room. After I graduate I hope to work in sports videography and video content creation with a professional team or a publication. New York would be nice but I am willing to go wherever my career takes me. My ultimate goals are to direct my own documentaries and start a production company, so I will also do what I can to make them more attainable.

I was drawn to the Spring Training program based off of my skills in nonfiction video as well as my passion for baseball. Baseball became my favorite sport a few years back due in part to Florida’s 2017 National Championship. I always get excited to see a Gator great from years past make it to MLB, so I had to jump at the chance to see some of them in action this upcoming week. I am going to chronicle my experience on camera, so get ready to see a video about it later on.

This is gonna be fun!

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