Moments from Grapefruit League Action


After visiting four different spring training ballparks over the course of the past week, these are some of my favorite moments I was able to capture. Most of these images are action shots of players in warmups or during the games.

It was really cool to be able to see these players in a small-scale setting as opposed to a large MLB stadium. I was able to get a lot closer to some of these players, allowing me to get better pictures and capture some great interactions!

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Atlanta Braves

With credential access for this game, I was on the field during batting practice prior to gametime and was able to capture interactions between players.

New York Yankees vs. Pittsburg Pirates

I was able to get great action shots of MLB stars Aaron Judge and O’Neil Cruz. I also got a great picture of Yankee pitcher Clark Schmidt warming up in the bullpen.


Philadelphia Phillies vs. Toronto Blue Jays

BayCare Field provided a lot of great angles for action shots during the ball game. I was able to capture some great pictures mid-pitch and in the field.

Houston Astros vs. Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals

I did not bring my camera to this game, therefore was only able to use my phone. I was still able to get some good pictures of the ballpark and some players pre-game.

New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays

I got more in-game shots of players who did not play in the other Yankee game I went to. This was also a night game so the pictures came out nicely.









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Austin is a second-year student majoring in journalism with a focus in sports media. He hopes to one day work in the sports media industry and be able to travel around the country working for a team or media company. He is also a huge Yankees fan.

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